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Our Beginning

Lambda Point is founded in NCL Innovation Park- a Hub of New Tech and Science startups in the heart of Pune.  Lambda Point is founded in NCL Innovation Park- a Hub of New Tech and Science start-ups in the heart of Pune.  The technology collaboration is with IIT and UC-Berkeley alumnus now associated with CSIR Labs of the Government of India. The efforts are also well supported by extensive analytical facilities in CAM Labs and other facilities within Innovation Park. Their efforts are creating best in class Hardware and Software for the Process Industry plants and supply chain. It is expected to create IP-able AI/ML and first principles based algorithms and copyrighted technology that will eventually deliver enormous value to customers.



It is critical that we can create value from the enormous amount of data that is generated in our plants and supply chains on a daily basis. A process plant generates average of about 20000 points of data every time (could be millisecond, second, minute or hourly based on frequency of the application). However gathering, analysing and then making meaningful insights available on these data is not a trivial task.Lambda Point is innovating in every sphere of the Process plants and supply chains. Starting from devices that are ready to use and easy to deploy right up to combining first principles domain knowledge and AI/ML based analytics that will revolutionise the way Process Industries visualise and get insights from their data. It is creating patentable technology to enable companies realise unprecedented benefits.



 Some of the newest tools and platforms combine to create a bouquet of technology that serves to bring the best insights into data .Lambda Point is working in the deep end of technology when it comes to us the latest software, hardware and algorithms. Some of the newest tools and platforms combine to create a bouquet of technology that serves to bring the best insights into data created in the plant and supply chain. This technology is then delivered in a unique way that it brings a blend of Industry, Domain knowledge and the Technology itself bringing an ease of Data acquisition, validation and clean up, Wrangling, algorithmic analytics and finally the most powerful visualisation in our industry. The Yellow-Online and intelligent Y-Bot technologies ensure that the insights are sustained and meaningful.

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Our Offerings


We know every company is unique and so are you. We work with you to figure out exactly what are the business needs, to run it more efficiently. Once that is established, a short consulting engagement leads us to make a customised offering to you through our software and/or hardware that can be implemented in as early as 3 weeks. In a sense we are re-defining and pushing Digitalisation using Industrial Internet of Things as a platform and making the software algorithms most suited for the Industry specific needs. The company licenses its technology to other companies in this domain and has already generated a rich bank of initial experiments and software/hardware prototypes that are likely to make a generic product stack available for the market.



Everything is not easy if not impossible. We offer our new innovation technology to collect and analyse the industrial stream data. Our device help you to analyse your data with a single click. The smart enable technology help you to take action at the earliest possible time. Low-level device control and operations such as communications, device monitoring and management, security.



 Yellow line technology is a  mean of gathering and making sense of data and delivering the right kinds of services at the right time with multiple potential features including best in class algorithms (like AI/ML), IIoT data acquisition, transformation and management of a secure environment .

Meet Our Team


Our Industry Experience

The team brings core industry experience in various industries including food, oil and gas, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other plant/supply chain-centric industries.  Team members have worked in Production, Process, technical Services, Sales and various others aspects of such industries to be fully aware of the challenges that this industry faces. The team members have seen these challenges upfront and used various technology-focussed tools to solve real life problems. Hence the scale and difficulty of the challenge is not lost on them.


Our Technology Exposure

What makes our team’s belief in its ability to solve such problems is enormous and deep exposure to real time development and deployment of original research based software and services in this domain. There is knowledge of Electronics, Spectrometry, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, Operations Research and Software development in the team. This exposure stems from working in Industry, in academia and in R&D alongside some of the finest companies and researchers.


Our Ideas and Mission

The team is a young team that is brimming with ideas but also with the practicality of how technology will be used to get these ideas to reality. A technology roadmap has been charted out and the team is now focussed on making sure that the right phases of the projects are delivered in time and in budget. With this, the mission of delivering unprecedented value to our customer base looks achievable. Lambda Point is committed to generating huge value through real gains in operational excellence in Plants and Supply Chains.

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