About Us


Our Beginning

Lambda Point is founded in NCL Innovation Park- a Hub of New Tech and Science startups in the heart of Pune. Founded in 2018 by a group of engineers and technologists, the team is working on cutting edge software and hardware technology. The technology collaboration is with IIT and UC-Berkeley alumnus now associated with CSIR Labs of the Government of India. The efforts are also well supported by extensive analytical facilities in CAM Labs and other facilities within Innovation Park. Their efforts are creating best in class Hardware and Software for the Process Industry plants and supply chain. It is expected to create IP-able AI/ML and first principles based algorithms and copyrighted technology that will eventually deliver enormous value to customers.



It is critical that we can create value from the enormous amount of data that is generated in our plants and supply chains on a daily basis. A process plant generates average of about 20000 points of data every time (could be millisecond, second, minute or hourly based on frequency of the application). However gathering, analysing and then making meaningful insights available on these data is not a trivial task

Lambda Point is innovating in every sphere of the Process plants and supply chains. Starting from devices that are ready to use and easy to deploy right upto combining first principles doain knowledge and AI/ML based analytics that will revolutionize the was Process Industries visualize and get insights from their data. It is creating patentable technology to enable companies realize unprecedented benefits.



Lambda Point is working in the deep end of technology when it comes to using the latest software, hardware and algorithms. Some of the newest tools and platforms combine to create a bouquet of technology that serves to bring the best insights into data created in the plant and supply chain. This technology is then delivered in a unique way that it brings a blend of Industry, Domain knowledge and the Technology itself bringing an ease of Data acquisition, validation and clean up, Wrangling, algorithmic analytics and finally the most powerful visualization in our industry. The Yellow-Online and intelligent Y-Bot technologies ensure that the insights are sustained and meaningful.