Meet Out Team


Our Industry Experience

The team brings core industry experience in various industries including food, oil and gas, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceutical and other plant/supply chain-centric industries.  Team members have worked in Production, Process, technical Services, Sales and various others aspects of such industries to be fully aware of the challenges that this industry faces. The team members have seen these challenges upfront and used various technology-focussed tools to solve real life problems. Hence the scale and difficulty of the challenge is not lost on them.


Our Technology Exposure

What makes our team’s belief in its ability to solve such problems is enormous and deep exposure to real time development and deployment of original research based software and services in this domain. There is knowledge of Electronics, Spectrometry, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, Operations Research and Software development in the team. This exposure stems from working in Industry, in academia and in R&D alongside some of the finest companies and researchers.


Our Ideas and Mission

The team is a young team that is brimming with ideas but also with the practicality of how technology will be used to get these ideas to reality. A technology roadmap has been charted out and the team is now focussed on making sure that the right phases of the projects are delivered in time and in budget. With this, the mission of delivering unprecedented value to our customer base looks achievable. Lambda Point is committed to generating huge value through real gains in operational excellence in Plants and Supply Chains.