We know every company is unique- and so are you. We work with you to figure out exactly what business needs to run more efficiently. Once that is established, a short consulting engagement leads us to make a customised offering to you through our software and/or hardware that can be implemented in as early as 3 weeks. In a sense we are re-defining and pushing Digitalisation using Industrial Internet of Things as a platform and making the software algorithms most suited for the Industry specific needs. The company licenses its technology to other companies in this domain and has already generated a rich bank of initial experiments and software/hardware prototypes that are likely to make a generic product stack available for the market.



Everything is not easy if not impossible. We offer our new innovation technology to collect and analyse the industrial stream data. Our device help you to analyse your data with a single click. The smart enable technology help you to take action at the earliest possible time. Low-level device control and operations such as communications, device monitoring and management, security.



Yellow line technology is a  mean of gathering and making sense of data and delivering the right kinds of services at the right time with multiple potential features including best in class algorithms (like AI/ML), IIoT data acquisition, transformation and management of a secure environment.